The only podcast where ​Super Women hang up ​their cape and get real!

In our podcast, we talk about how ​we can become better, happier, ​and healthier as Black Women and ​Women of color

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Escape The Cape (ETC) is a podcast ​dedicated to exploring the topics and ​issues that women of color face navigating ​the pressures of our personal and ​professional domains. Featuring three ​dynamic leaders with backgrounds in ​education, politics, STEM and business, our ​podcast draws from our lived experience ​as Black women in a society that often ​dictates that we act as Super Women. We ​focus on balancing our blessings and our ​burdens with a mix of humor, wisdom and ​good old-fashioned faith! Join us in safe ​space where other Super Women can help ​lift the weight of our often too heavy cape!

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Episode 2

Pr​etty Smart Women

In this episode, the hosts discuss the scrutiny faced by successful black women, focusing on the ​case of Fani T. Willis, a district attorney in Fulton County, Georgia. They explore the impact of ​societal expectations and stereotypes on black women's personal and professional lives. The ​conversation delves into the choices black women make in relationships, considering factors such ​as proximity, structural racism, and character. The hosts emphasize the importance of agency and ​encourage black women to define their own success and make choices that align with their values ​and desires.

Latest Episode

Meet The Hosts

In this conversation, Denise, Sherice and Nicole ​discuss the challenges of balancing work, family, and ​personal life. She joins her co-hosts to explore ways ​to escape the pressures and expectations that come ​with wearing multiple 'capes' in life.

Episode 3

The Cape of Relationships


Ep​isode 4

Do​ing Too Much & How to Chill


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the Hosts

Denise B. Jones, PMP

Denise Jones is the visionary behind "Connecting the Dots with Denise"; a seasoned pharmaceutical expert with ​over 25 years of experience in the industry. Holding critical roles in global drug development and vendor ​strategy, Denise has been pivotal in launching life-saving medications globally. Her extensive network includes ​professionals at leading pharma companies and her insights have shaped the careers of many up-and-coming ​professionals. With a passion for mentorship and professional development, Denise is eager to share her ​expertise and empower the next pharma leaders.

Nicole G. Rayfield, PhD

Dr. Nicole G. Rayfield is a creative and dynamic higher education leader, entrepreneur, educator and career ​service professional with over two decades of demonstrated progressive leadership experiences and substantial ​research in education. Dr. Rayfield is the recipient of several scholarly awards and accolades granted through ​both academic and professional organizations. As a qualitative researcher, her scholarly agenda is centered ​around the lived experiences of people with intersected identities navigating in majority-dominant workplaces ​and offers novel insight into the critical role that these leaders play in the lives of their institutions and larger ​community.

Sherice Janaye, PhD

Dr. Sherice Janaye Nelson is the founder of Dr. Janaye Executes a boutique consulting firm built around her ​speaking, research, and decade of higher education experience. She has taught at the University of California, ​Berkeley and other premier institutions in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Los Angeles, California. She is the ​originator of the term Insulated Blackness, which speaks to African Americans separation from Black political ​identity due to infrequent experiences of racial discrimination. She also co-authored Why Wait Your Turn Means ​No Turn At All: A Millennial Perspective of Black Church, College and Community, which speaks to the ​generational differences that hinder unity and progress in Black spaces.

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Join Dr. Rayfield as she shares a New ​Approach to Productivity (NAP). Learn ​tips to:

  • Enjoy real work-life balance
  • identify the “nap killers” in our lives
  • Reduce stress and fatigue

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Listeners Tell Us...


I liked the explanation of the ​Escape The Cape and how each of ​you talked about your own capes ​that you had to escape. Onward ​and upward!

This podcast is great! I think the ​juxtaposition and similarities of ​personality, industry and ​generation works well. I really ​liked how you all share the task of ​asking questions which made it ​more like organic dialogue,

Mariah R., New York, NY

Lisa B, Fort Worth, TX

This podcast really resonates with ​me because it helps me to ​appreciate that I am not alone and ​other “strong” women are ​available to support me.

Deanna J., New Brunswick, NJ

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